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We are gathering information about the good old days when rock n roll was rock n roll...
Tampa Bay was rockin and 95ynf was there.... If anyone has any information on the old gang...Please Contact and let us know...If you have any photos.. please them to us via the e-mail.. we will be adding a photo gallery.

95ynf STAFF
(In Alphabetical Order)

Amy Newman
Austin Keyes
Becky "Flash" Gorden
Bill Burnett
Billy Owens "Billy The Phone Freak"
Bruce Campbell
Bryan Sykes
Carey Curelop
Charlie Logan
Chris Tailor
Chris Volpe
Dana Brown
Diamond Jim Reed
Doc Martin
Don Capone
Don Marion
Don "McKenzie" Reigle
Fast Eddie Yarb
Fez Whatley
Greg Stevens
Greg Winters
J.J. Lee
Jeff Jensen
Jim Dixion
Joe Corbett
Joe Young
John Darling
John Stewart
Jon Volmar "Hot Tub Johnny"
Julie Follman
Kyle Roberts
Loretta Ford
Lynda Johnson
Marge Smelt
Mark Larsen
Marla Stone
Marsha Longo
Matt West
Max Sitero
Mike Baccus
Mike BanSavage
Morgan Prue
Nick Van Cleve
Nobie Wheeler
Patti Palmer
Robert Reed aka (Bob Rose)
Ron Bennington
Ron Diaz
Roz Clark
Russ Albums
Scotty Phillips
Shawn V. Portmann
Steve Austin "Jack Strap"
Steve Downes
Steve Fluker
Stephen McCreery "the helpful guy"
Susan Larkin
Tom Marshall
Walt Bob Marsicano
Zoltan Koppany

If you were on the staff of the greatest rock station there ever was... please Contact us.
Tell us where you are and what your doing...and any information you would like to share with us...

Home | The Staff | Gallery | Multi-Media | Merchandise | Airchecks | 95ynf History | Contact |  Facebook

Ron Diaz, Ron Bennington, Fez Whatley, Russ Albums, Charlie Logan, Scotty Phillips, Robert Reed, Don Capone, Nick Van Cleve, Jeff Jensen, Jon Volmar "Hot Tub Jonny", Walt Bob Marsicano, Shawn V. Portmann, Mark Larsen, Carey Curelop, Tom Marshall, Steve Downes, Becky "Flash" Gorden, Marsha Longo, J.J. Lee, Marla Stone, Stephen McCreery "the helpful guy", Diamond Jim Reed, Mike Bacchus, Bryan Sykes, Amy Newman, Zoltan Koppany, Billy The Phone Freak, Fast Eddie Yarb, Flipper, John Stewart, Jack Strap, Chris Volpe, Joe Corbett, Joe Young, Kyle Roberts, Julie Follman, Morgan Prue, Mike BanSavage, Greg Winters, Nobie Wheeler, Marge Smelt, Doc Martin, Bruce Campbell, Kira Kincade, Dana Brown, Don "McKenzie" Reigle, Max Sitero, Roz Clark, John Darling, Jim Dixon, AJ, Mary Farrel, Susan Larkin, Lynda Johnson, Patti Palmer, Don Marion, Steve Fluker, Bill Burnett, Grego, Austin Keyes, 95ynf Angels, Matt West, Loretta Ford, Chris Tailor, Greg Stevens, Tampa bay Rock N Roll Radio Station Radio Announcer Disc Jockeys Radio Air checks

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