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95ynf Tampa Bay Radio History of WYNF FM 94.9 Radio Station

In 1976 the Tampa Bay automated Top 40 WLCY FM owned by Rahall Communications changed the stations call letters to WYNF and branded it Y95 to become completive with Q105 WRBQ. Owning WYNF FM 94.9, WLCY AM 1380 and WLCY TV Channel 10 studios that were located in St. Petersburg at the Rahall Communications Center on Gandy Boulevard.

In 1978 the Rahall Communications sold WLCY TV Channel 10 so WYNF FM 94.9 moved to the old WLCY/WTSP building. Then in 1980 Rahall Communications sold WYNF FM 94.9 to Taft Broadcasting and moved to 504 Reo Street in Tampa, where there other station 1250 WDAE was located. WYNF FM 94.9 went from playing Top 40 to AOR and calling itself "The New 95". The station was later re-branded as "95ynf". Then later on Taft became Great American Broadcasting.

Then In 1985, Great American Broadcasting sold the 100,000 watt 95 WYNF to CBS Radio (Infinity Broadcasting) and relocated to 4th Street North in St. Petersburg at the Koger Executive Center... from here on the rest is rock n roll history. 95ynf dominated the Tampa bay area for AOR music. There morning show was second to none With Ron and Ron (Ron Diaz and Ron Bennington) and other on air jocks like Russ Albums, Charlie Logan, Don Capone, Scotty Phillips, Robert Reed, Nick Van Cleve and Program Director Carey Curelop and General manager Shawn Portmann at the helm. 95ynf The Home of Rock n Roll... 95ynf Tampa Bay's Rock n Roll Pirates... 95ynf Kick Ass Rock n Roll were all on-air monikers used by the station.

95ynf always ahead of the competition 97.9 WKRL , but then in the 90's corporate CBS Radio changed there game plan and forced 95ynf to go after WRBQ Q105 who at the time was playing rock and top 40 mix. This was a big mistake... The air staff and programming knew this was wrong.. but there hands were tied...Then CBS dropping the ball again with the departure of the number one morning show Ron n Ron... WKRL-FM changed its call letters to WXTB-FM and the start up of the New 98rock WXTB playing more aggressive music that focused on the core AOR audience, it was only a matter of time.

CBS Radio sold 95ynf to Cox Radio in 1993... the day the music died... Don Capone who did the last broadcast on 95ynf remembers hundreds of people in the parking lot of the radio station holding up lighters and candles in tribute... and so ends the Rock music and into warm soft & contemporary sounds of Cox Radio.

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